Smiling Mind – the app

The film:

Soon, this film will be broadcast across Australia in a bid to bring mindfulness meditation to young people. The film coincides with Smiling Mind’s 12 month anniversary.

It shows several young people sat at school or at work, listening to the mindfulness meditation guidance. Objects around them begin to float away – a metaphor for de-cluttering the mind.

The app review:

Being more familiar with mental silence meditation, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The slick app and striking yet simple interface make for a user-friendly experience. After selecting a few details about yourself: age group, state of mind etc., you can opt to listen to the five minute beginner session with or without music.

It would seem the film’s male voiceover is the same guiding voice on the app. He starts by suggesting you sit in a chair with feet on the floor.

Then he guides you through “body-scanning” – a process by which you start to become aware of every part of your body by noticing sensations from your toes to your fingers.

The guidance consists of simple instructions punctuated by several seconds of silence in which the mind follows the previous instruction.

I felt slightly more awake afterwards which is a good start. I will continue with further sessions to explore the effects of the mindfulness technique.

The great thing about it is that you can practice it on the bus, train, at home, work or Uni without feeling uncomfortable about drawing attention to yourself.

Smiling Mind is a free app and is available on the AppStore.


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