Smiling Mind – the app

The film: Soon, this film will be broadcast across Australia in a bid to bring mindfulness meditation to young people. The film coincides with Smiling Mind’s 12 month anniversary. It shows several young people sat at school or at work, listening to the mindfulness meditation guidance. Objects around them begin to float away – a … Continue reading

Why are yogis happier people?

People who practice yoga attribute much of their happiness to it. Yoga is a great physical challenge, yet the mental challenge is often greater. And the benefits are unfathomable, at least, until you have experienced them. Five ways yoga generates happiness: 1. It’s just you, on the mat, in your world There’s a simultaneous solitude … Continue reading

5 myths to challenge

1. Saying “thank you” more often will make you more grateful Gratitude is a feeling before it is a doing. Expressing thanks to someone is important, yet more important is the sincerity of the expression. My Italian friend told me once that her family rarely say “I love you” to one another. At the time … Continue reading

Meditation: 6 simple tips for beginners

Imagine a moment of blissful stillness, a space without a single thought. What if each day you could tap into an inner sanctuary that left you feeling lighter and happier? Just ten minutes of mental silence each day can free the mind from thought, and in turn, alleviate stress. 1. Dim the lights Set a … Continue reading

Expressing it – The video

So far, this video from Soul Pancake has received more than 1.7 million hits on YouTube. The experiment reveals that expressing gratitude produces more happiness than simply feeling it. What do you think – does it inspire you?

How social media can affect your gratitude

Checking in with social media has become a mindless, obsessive habit. You tap the Facebook app only to realise you looked at it just two minutes ago, and there was nothing much going on so you closed it. And here you are again. But when a friend’s status catches your eye, there’s a sense of … Continue reading

Thought for Food

“When Eating Bamboo Sprouts, remember the man who planted them” – Chinese proverb Gratitude for nourishment is, of course, practised across many of the world’s religions, and has even become a secular tradition, especially in the US, where both Christians and non-believers celebrate Thanksgiving in November. The idea of saying Grace is synonymous with sitting … Continue reading