The moments with grandparents

After spending a few days with my maternal grandfather, I reflected on what a blessing it is to have had grandparents in my life. There’s something humbling and beautiful about those moments you share with the people who raised your parents, and in part, raised you. Grandpa is now 90 years old and likes his … Continue reading

Meditation: 6 simple tips for beginners

Imagine a moment of blissful stillness, a space without a single thought. What if each day you could tap into an inner sanctuary that left you feeling lighter and happier? Just ten minutes of mental silence each day can free the mind from thought, and in turn, alleviate stress. 1. Dim the lights Set a … Continue reading

Thought for Food

“When Eating Bamboo Sprouts, remember the man who planted them” – Chinese proverb Gratitude for nourishment is, of course, practised across many of the world’s religions, and has even become a secular tradition, especially in the US, where both Christians and non-believers celebrate Thanksgiving in November. The idea of saying Grace is synonymous with sitting … Continue reading

The simplicity in gratitude

A few years ago, a friend told me that each night she acknowledges twenty things to be grateful for before letting herself drift off to sleep. My response was, “Twenty? How do you manage that?!” She gently replied, “It’s easy, there are so many more things to be grateful for. Once you start acknowledging you will … Continue reading